Asa D. from Uxbridge
I've been coming for Reiki since 2019 and I am impressed by Shalini's energy. She is very intuitive and picks up on every little ache. I feel transported to a different world during a session and go home feeling peaceful and refreshed.

Becca, from London


I am a mum with 3 children and been juggling many things - always been taking life at a fast pace and then came my diagnosis of breast cancer. Again, I decided I would manage this through surgery and medicines. However the cancer has kept coming back. A friend gave me Brandon Bay's book about the Journey Process. I couldn't stop reading it. Shortly after this, I went to an hour's lecture by Gaby on the Journey process and knew then I needed to do this.
I wanted to go within myself and understand if there were cell memories that were causing issues and hence the cancer kept coming back. Shalini was recommended to me by a close friend.
Oh my goodness, how amazing Shalini has been as a therapist with the Journey. I have spent 3 mornings with her, and each time - she has helped me close my eyes and go inside myself to areas in my body and find bad memories that were there and relive them but then positively talk about tools that would help this situation. It's v simple, effective and amazing! You feel like you have helped close the memory and forgive the situation/people involved. Its just amazing.
Shalini was extremely calm, confident and an outstanding journey practitioner - I would fully recommend her. She is so experienced, and helps you feel confident to go into the process and she will help navigate you, and wont let you bypass an important part - she just knows how to do it! I have been so fortunate to have Shalini as my journey practitioner.
The biggest changes for me are that I now am much more assertive and have a great relationship with my brother - we had grown apart and disliked each other, but now through talking to him post the journey process with Shalini - I am truly thankful that I now have this relationship back. I feel more at ease with telling friends and family how I feel at the time - goods or bad, rather than keeping quiet and internalising it!
So much better for my health - which by the way is great!

Nathalie P., from Uxbridge

I have had several Journey sessions with Shalini and have always felt very relaxed and calm afterwards. The sessions have benefited me immensely. I had a serious health issue but after the sessions I had some tests done and there were obvious signs of healing. She is very caring and a good Journey practitioner. I strongly recommend her. I will definitely see her again.
Helen Smith, from Taplow
This is the most relaxing reiki I have ever had. Shalini always makes feel completely at ease and I leave feeling so calm and restful. I feel the benefits for weeks too. It is so good that I always make sure I book my next session before I leave so I have something to look forward to….happy to recommend without hesitation.
Demet D., Marketing Director
I have had many Journey processes with Shalini and benefited from her healing work immensely. Her easy going peaceful nature always makes the process absolutely effortless and natural. Her energy surrounds the space and time flies by during her processes. The healing that begins at the sessions continue to work until healing is complete. I am grateful for all the healing she brought into my life and know that many more will come to appreciate the healing Journey sessions with Shalini.

Martin Y., Creative Website Designer

‘I experienced a deeply profound and moving Journey Process with Shalini. She held a beautifully safe space, prompted me with the right questions, and I reconnected powerfully with a part of me that had been missing in my life for a while’.

Marion Y., Senior Journey Practitioner and Journey@home presenter

‘Shalini creates a very safe and grace filled space for her clients. Here you can relax and let go, knowing that whatever you need to experience is sensitively and expertly embraced’.

Sandra L., Health and Well-Being Practitioner

'I have had many Journey processes with Shalini and have always found her to be a caring and skilful Journey practitioner who is committed to helping her clients achieve the best possible outcome from their appointment. She has helped me at times of crisis and when I just wanted to feel more resourceful and loving toward myself. She is welcoming, professional and compassionate in her work and will gracefully lead you through your own session, always mindful and sensitive to ensuring that the experience feels safe and reflects what you are ready to deal with. My processes with her always leave me feeling clearer, more peaceful and happier.

On her own healing journey, her daily practise has clearly demonstrated the power and possibilities of focused intention for self-healing and in this she is an inspiration.I would thoroughly recommend experiencing Journey work with Shalini'.

Sarah W., Holistic Therapist

‘I have had a number of Journeys with Shalini over the last few years. During these sessions I have felt beautifully and sensitively held and able to release deeply emotional stuff’.