Last winter seemed to drag on forever but it is finally the time of the year again when everything springs back to life, including us! As the days get longer and the nights shorter, migrating birds fly back joyfully, flowers delicately come into blossom and the bare trees sprout new leaves. Our feathered friends can be slightly annoying with their daily chirping competition as soon as the first rays of sunlight come up. Oh well, they are probably welcoming each other back and establishing their territories.

While nature sorts itself out, spring is a wakeup call for us to go with the flow. Let’s shed any remaining winter lethargy and bring a fresh burst of vitality to our lives. One of the best ways to revive our dynamic energy is to clear the energy in the house. Now is a great time to do some serious spring-cleaning around the house, in the garden and most importantly within yourself.

  • Clean the windows so thoroughly that the sunshine pours in again. Open the windows every day for fresh air to circulate and replace any stale energy.
  • Cleaning the kitchen can feel quite therapeutic. It happens that foodstuff go beyond their expiry date but they are still sitting on the shelves or in the fridge. Get rid of them. Even canned goods don’t last forever.
  • The chinaware and lamps in the living areas might be covered in a layer of dust which goes unnoticed during the dark winter days but they need a good clean now.
  • Now is the time to put away the boots and get the flip-flops out. Sort out your wardrobe and store away clothes that you will not be wearing in the coming months. Get rid of clothes and accessories that you will not use again.
  • We often use winter as an excuse to stuff ourselves with chocolate, cakes and treats. This is defined as a coping mechanism against winter’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. Now that spring is here, such excuses are not valid anymore! Let’s get our healthy lifestyle back. How delightful it would be to lose any extra weight we might have put on and fit elegantly into our summer clothes!
  • Flowers and plants always bring freshness both to the house and to the garden. Many people find gardening relaxing as it brings the garden back to life and triggers a similar feeling within. Personally, I enjoy sowing vegetable and flower seeds in preparation for summer.
  • Walking in nature on a crisp morning is very refreshing and it gives the opportunity to spend quality time in silence. It is even better if you can fit in early morning meditations and yoga which don’t have to be long. Ten minutes is all it takes. This allows you to absorb the morning stillness before daily responsibilities start to kick in.
  • You can start a list of projects which you would like to achieve by summer time. It is easier to follow up on our intentions when they are in writing. If you already made a list in January, now is a good time to check your progress.

Turn spring’s new energy to your advantage!
You will feel better in yourself,
with a clean and tidy home too!