In this relaxation, you let go of past issues and choose to focus on inner peace. We do a beach and sea visualisation.


This meditation takes you to a wonderland visualisation journey with your inner child. We are creative, have fun and relax. Enjoy!

In this fields visualisation, practise feeling gratitude for everything that you have in life. Gratitude is very healing.

After relaxing the body and mind, we do a forest visualisation where we receive a gift of Abundance for health, success, love, peace and happiness.

In this visualisation, you find a beautiful diamond at the bottom of a lake and it becomes yours as you let go of all your cares and concerns. It's a magical place, so you can even put the whole world's problems there.

In this mountain visualisation, let go of fears that come up during times of crisis. Learn to relax, trust in life again and feel safe.