Loving Yourself
Loving yourself sounds easy and it can be. True love starts from within and expands like waves that flow to others. So, why does it feel like hard work? Why do we desperately seek love from outside when we already have it in the first place? We might forget about self-love as we are too busy loving others.

Sometimes we experience people being condescending which leaves us feeling belittled. The more they scorn at us, the more we feel put down. This feeling wraps around us like a spider web and we forget our worthiness. Often the imbalance between a sense of unworthiness and one of self-love can be wide and unfortunately, the former wins if we don’t get a helping hand to boost our confidence again. The good news is that we can be our own helping hand. We can free ourselves from the cobweb with perseverance, determination and most importantly, believe that we can do it. Here are some tips that can guide us to the core of pure inner love.

The Mirror Love
Stand tall in front of a mirror. Start by looking straight into your eyes. Then bring your attention to the top of your head and slowly let your gaze move down to your face, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, hips, legs and feet. Allow your eyes to rest longer on places of your body that you might dislike, perhaps the hips or the stomach. As your eyes rest on each part, say out loud with gentleness, ‘I love my …’ Filling the blank space with the name of this part.

It is important to do this slowly and take time to honour the divinity in your body. Use your hands and caress your body with tenderness, like you would for a beautiful baby. Feel the warmth of your skin under your hands and feel blessed to be in this physical form. It enables you to savour your favourite food, drive to places you like, be with people you love, smell flowers, get on a plane, read, work and so on. Basically, it is through the five sense of the body that you get to experience many things in life.

The Ho’oponopono method
This is a simple and effective Hawaiian method, practised in four steps. For now, let’s see how it can help you love yourself. The power resides in being genuine when you say the words and the Universe will assist you in manifesting the love. Say the words as if you are talking to a part of your body and repeat the process for each part of the body that requires it.
I’m so sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you
Here is an example that can be used for the hips. ‘I’m so sorry that I have hated you for so long. Please forgive me. Thank you for all that you do for me. I appreciate your important contribution within my body. I love you just as you are.’

The Gratitude Love
Express gratitude for your body. You can say things like Thank you Eyes for allowing me to see the beauty around, thank you Nose for breathing in and out 24/7, thank you Arms for all the hugs, thank you Hands for helping me eat, thank you Hips for helping me to sit when I get tired, thank you Stomach for the digestion, thank you Skin for protecting me, thank you Feet for taking me where I want to go, and so on. You can continue this exercise with inner parts of your body like the organs, cells, blood, etc. Don’t feel awkward to say it out loud. The Universe hears you better when your words are voiced out!

You know it worked when…

You look in a mirror and feel proud of who you see there!
You can cuddle yourself with happiness!
You enjoy spending quality time on your own!
You feel beautiful/handsome in every way!
You feel comfortable repeating positive affirmations!
You are grateful for who you are no matter what others say!
You feel loved even if there is no one else in your life!
Someone is condescending towards you, you can stand tall,
look them in the eye and answer from a place of confidence!