Brandon Bays who is the founder of the Journey and an internationally acclaimed best-selling author has put together a list of 16 life changing lessons to help you find happiness, love, acceptance, discover who you truly are and a lot more.

1. Call off the search
“You are already free and completely whole. Your essence is vast and spacious, and the enlightened awareness you have been seeking is already present, calling you home to yourself… right now.”
“Know that who you are is brilliant, priceless, fabulous. This essence shines in all of us. We are all diamonds. There is nothing you can do to attain this freedom, simply relax… It is already here… It is who you really are.”

2. Love yourself fully, even the secret, hidden, parts
“When you are willing to shine the light of love onto the parts that you are not proud of – onto the unaccepted parts, the unloved parts, the unwanted emotions, into all the darkened corners of your soul – love will suffuse them, embrace them, until you are left as nothing but love itself. Love arises when you expose everything.”

3. Forgiveness is the key to inner freedom
“So often we make the mistake of believing we are forgiving the other person for their sake, but the truth is, whenever we forgive, we release the consciousness of the whole story that we’ve been holding onto and nursing, and when it’s gone, we are the ones who are freed.”
“Forgiveness is the route to freedom, if you are willing to drop your games, be humble, open and release the stored pain, and allow natural compassion for others to arise. Humility is the key for true forgiveness.”

4. Listen to your heart
“Nobody can tell you what is best for you. Listen to your heart, it knows the perfect actions to take. When you feel trapped, without choice, trust your inner wisdom to guide you. Just trust and let go.”

5. Listen to your body
“Sometimes we get wrapped up in the confusion of the mind. The mind is a tricky place to dwell. It’s always changing. Stop looking to your mind for answers. Instead, place all your awareness on your body. The body is the barometer of your soul. If you have a question, ask, breathe into the front of your body and listen. Your body never lies.”

6. You are responsible for your own happiness
“You make the mistake of believing that your love and happiness depend on someone or something outside of you, that your joy comes from that new car you got or the great shoes or the fabulous holiday but these are simply an expression of your joy, not the cause of it.”
"Often we crave that all-embracing love, searching for it in others, becoming obsessive even addictive in our search. Then we blame others for how we are feeling, that somehow they are not living up to our expectations, our rules. Let go of non-personal love, nobody can fulfill you, you are already enough, complete, whole. Once you realize that this love can’t go anywhere, then all possibilities are open to you and. Be willing to drop your guards, be exposed, vulnerable and let this vaster love which does not come or go guide you.”

7. Your thoughts have no meaning
“The nature of the thinking mind is fear, doubt and judgment – a stream of imagined words, sounds and pictures passing through consciousness. The only meaning it has is the story, the meaning we invest in it. It is not real. Let all your thoughts be none of your business. Attach no meaning to them. Let them come and let them go, and then discover what remains untouched by any thoughts.”

8. Accept that everything happens for a reason
“Know that whatever is happening in your life right now is perfect, accept it is there for a reason. Relax! And let go of the mental constructs your mind is creating. Acceptance leads to wholesome right action. “When we collapse our being into a thought or a story of ‘me’ and ‘my life’, or get caught in the endless mind-trap of trying to understand, we become very thing we focus on. Just drop the story. Stop asking why. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop blaming. Stop wheel spinning. Just stop!”

9. Express your gratitude
“Take a moment to notice what is around you! When you notice and are grateful for everything around you – your loved ones, your health, your ability to see, smell, hear, touch, your career, your home, your ability to breath – it creates a window, an opening into grace. When you take the time to stop and really be present, every experience in life is an opportunity to fall into gratitude.”
“When you wake up each morning, take some moments to look around you, greeting the new day with fresh eyes, and experience the grace surrounding you. Give thanks with all your heart for another day that you’ve been blessed with these priceless gifts. Remember everything is on loan, you are only the caretaker, these gifts were never yours, they have only ever been on loan. Everything is on loan.”

10. Give up the need to know
“Has a ‘need to know’ been arising lately? Have you been spending time trying to figure out the mysteries of life? Give up the need to know. If your thinking mind could have figured things out, it would have done so a long time ago. Life is a mystery, unknowable and divine. Be content to rest in this mystery.”

11. Let go of attachment
“Freedom can only be experienced in the emptiness of non-attachment to your ideas, beliefs, and acquired knowledge, all of which are merely mental constructs born from past experiences, which take your attention away from what is here right now – your present moment awareness. When you choose to let go of all you think you know, let all the filters drop away, then this awareness is all that remains.”

12. Stop struggling. Just let go
"What keeps you from being fully present in every moment? Recognise the excuses you use to justify being non-present. Let your thoughts of past or future, why or how wind down. Notice your strategies to be distracted by the endless motion and activity of life. Really hear your internal dialogue of “I don’t have time and there’s so much to do.” When you stop the fight, drop the games, quiet the mind, you allow yourself to be fully present. Give yourself permission to simply stop.”

13. Life always gives you a second chance
“Each life experience is our teacher. Each day is a fresh start, Each hour is a new beginning. Every second is your second chance.”

14. No matter how deep the issue, you can heal yourself
“No matter how deep the issue is and no matter how long you have struggled with it, the possibility exists for you to become absolutely free, whole, and healed.”

15. All the answers are already within you
Are you busy looking for something “out there” – an ideal, a paradise, Nirvana? What if there is nothing to find, to attain? When you turn your awareness inwards, you realize you are already resting in an ocean of perfection, all possibilities, this enlightened awareness."

16. Allow yourself to fully feel
“True courage is the willingness to fully experience whatever you are feeling in the moment. You can attempt to run from your emotions, but eventually they will catch up with you. They will hunt you down, until finally you give up the chase. Be willing to sit still, open with your emotions and feel them fully. Then notice what remains.”

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