Words are not always necessary for communication. The body has a language of its own with facial expressions, movements and postures. These are much faster at expressing how we feel than putting a sentence together and more genuine. Someone might be lying to you but through his body language you can sense it. Or even better, you can tell if someone feels attracted to you.

Facial expressions
There is a reason why the eyes are called the windows of the soul. They never lie. They can express love or hate, happiness or sadness, peace or fear, approval or anger, basically all emotions. Looking upwards to the left usually means that the person is trying to recall a memory while upwards to the right means constructing a picture.

Raising the eyebrows is quite common and shows confusion, doubt or sarcasm. When someone avoids making eye contact, they might be hiding something or feeling embarrassed.
Winks are obvious signs of happiness, mischief or flirting. However, someone who keeps blinking might be feeling nervous. A frown or a clenched jaw might signify tension, fear or anger. A mouth wide open is usually a sign of shock. A big smile is easy to read, but a smile with raised eyebrows is sarcasm.


The posture for an angry or a leader-type of person is opposite to that of a submissive being. Walking or standing with the chest pushed forward can be interpreted as a sign of confidence or anger.
Often, anger can be expressed with the hands on the hips, tense shoulders, glaring eyes and the chest pushed forward. In the case of a submissive or scared person, he would have a rounded back, drooping shoulders and mostly looks down.

A person sitting with his legs or arms crossed could be impatient, irritated, unwilling to listen or emotionally detached from a situation. The same applies to someone who keeps tapping their feet. Shaky legs are very noticeable and are a clear sign of fear or even the start of a panic attack.

Clenched hands is a sign of anger while wringing the fingers show nervousness. Sweaty palms and shaky hands reflect anxiety, stress and fear. Pointing one’s finger at someone can be seen as aggressive or insulting whereas a thumbs up is a friendly gesture. A bone crusher handshake signifies assertion and confidence whereas a limp fish handshake means hesitation and uncertainty.

The body never lies
Even if the mind thinks it has got everything under control, it is through the body that truth is revealed. We might behave in a certain way only because this is what is expected from us but if it is not genuine, your body will contradict your thoughts. For example, if someone does not like their job, people around can tell. Or if someone is unhappy in a relationship, it can be quite noticeable.

We have all experienced these at some point: a gut feeling in the stomach, contraction in the chest and a faster heartbeat. If in doubt of your own feelings, find a quiet place where you can relax and close your eyes. It can even be in a washroom if there are people around. Take a few nice deep breaths in and connect with your inner self. Let go of all thoughts, even if it is for just a minute. Give yourself permission to tune in and listen to your body. What is it trying to tell you? Ask it for the best way to handle what has been on your mind.

All you have to do is listen.