We could all do with some more chillaxing. This word might be new to some of you but it is simply a combination of chill and relax. There is never too much of these in one’s life. No matter how hectic life may become, our inner stillness is always here. We can experience it any time, both at a conscious or subconscious level. It might be covered with layers of daily stress, emotional problems and a never ending list of activities.
I’d like to share with you some techniques to reduce muscle tension, relax the mind and increase our energy levels.

Traditional Meditation
It has been scientifically proven that meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways. One of the most common form of meditation is to sit with closed eyes in the traditional cross-legged position, or any comfortable position, and focus on the breathing. You can use a mantra to avoid distractions. Allow your breaths to become longer as you relax. If you meditate with open eyes, you might want to look at a burning candle or a relaxing image. These help to release thoughts and bring the attention back to the present moment.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are holistic systems that make use of postures and breathing techniques to find the body’s balance and energy. They release tension from the muscles and calm the mind. Through these postures, we get a better control on our body and mind, which will support us in dealing more efficiently with problems. They build up our strength and flexibility.

Shake it off!
Trauma Release Exercises is a new therapeutic technique of postures that assist the body in releasing patterns of chronic muscular tension and trauma. The core muscles are activated to vibrate in a safe and controlled manner. It is triggered deliberately and feels effortless. The body uses its own wisdom to know when to stop.

Sound Meditation
Sounds create a vibration that resonates with the body. The frequency determines which part of the body is responding to a particular sound. There are different sounds for each of our chakras. Singing bowls and chimes are known to be used frequently in relaxation and meditation classes. Nature sound music is very soothing. A variety of nature sound CDs and YouTube videos are available with sounds of waves, soothing winds, tranquil streams, rain and birds chirping.

Embracing Nature
Nothing can be compared to feeling the gentle wind through your hair, the sunshine warming up your skin and a breath of fresh air. Treat yourself to a leisurely stroll. With each step imagine that you are leaving behind a thought that has been troubling you. Carry on until you reach freedom from all thoughts which is when inner peace is felt. You can complete your walk feeling positive and happy.

Massage & Reiki
Tune into yourself when you are having a Reiki session. Let the tension naturally ease out of your cells. If somewhere feels uncomfortable, breathe into that area and tell your therapist about it. Massages are therapeutic and help to reduce both physical pain and mental stress. Whether you are having a Reiki session or a massage, allow your prana (life force energy) to flow throughout the body as your chakras realign.

Creative Visualisation
This is a powerful and easy relaxation technique. Visualise being in nature and allow your mind to take you for a walk in a forest or by a river. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in nature but any scenery that makes you unwind. You can add affirmations, like ‘I am successful in life’, ‘I love myself just as I am’. Visualisations and affirmations work better when done regularly. The renewed energy and positive feelings become more engrained in your system.

Before going to bed, remember to be grateful for all the positive things that happened during the day. Perhaps you can keep a notepad and update it every week, or even every day, with the blessings you received.

Any form of meditation, if done consistently, brings peace and happiness.
I wish you a fantabulous meditation!