As you sow, so shall you reap. This saying is so true when it comes to our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our mind and in turn of our life. Unhealthy beliefs often emerge from negative thoughts. These might seem petty at first but as we repeat these thoughts over and over again, they become powerful until they take over and we think that we are these thoughts. The good thing is that this philosophy also applies to healthy beliefs. As you think positively, your life will reflect this.

Unhealthy Beliefs and Vows
Our confidence is chipped from a very young age, both at home and at school. Parents can say things that they don’t really mean in moments of exasperation without realising the lasting impact this can have on their child. Let’s take the example of a four year old who might have spilt a cup of milk over the floor while his mother is watching her favourite soap opera. The mother jumps from the sofa in anger, grabs the cup from his hands and shouts, ‘You are always so useless!’ She wipes the mess and goes back to watching TV, totally ignoring the crying child; the latter who is left to his own thoughts knows that he has done something wrong and believes that he is useless. After all, it is mum who said this so it must be true. There is no one else around to contradict this thought. More situations arise when she reiterates that he is useless, like when he does not score good marks at school or gets his new trainers all muddy.

By the time the child turns six, he absolutely believes ‘I am useless’. This thought has now formed a neural connection with his genes and sunk deeper in the DNA. It might also have turned into a powerful unhealthy vow, ‘I will always be useless’. He feels intimidated to play with other children at school because they will see that he is worthless. As he grows up, he feels the same at work and since the quality of the thoughts determines the quality of the mind, he adopts a useless attitude in real life and his performance is low.
We can pick up unhealthy beliefs at any point in life. A woman in her forties might find out that her partner has been cheating on her and when he leaves her for this other woman she feels rejected. Several unhealthy beliefs can arise, including ‘I am not good enough’. There can be vows such as, ‘I will never find someone who truly loves me’.

Many of us come across one or more of these common beliefs and vows. Vows usually contain words like always and never. For some, they get washed off straight away while others might spend a lifetime believing in them. Can you relate to any of these?
I am not good enough, I can’t do it, I am not beautiful, I won’t get any better, I don’t deserve to be loved, I am stupid, I will not find a job, My partner will leave me, My children don’t love me, I will never succeed, I will always be obese, I will never get better, I will always be alone …

Remember a time when you had a negative thought and how you felt afterwards. Probably sad or grumpy. How about when you kept thinking about it? You might have ended up feeling gloomy. Such thoughts then come up even when you don’t want to think about them as you have given them the power to do so. They might even keep you awake at night while you stress over how you won’t get a pay rise or that your scanning results will show a tumour. As layers of unhealthy thoughts pile up, they become stronger and take over our confidence and ability to discern illusion from reality. Once this mind type takes control of our lives, it becomes difficult for us to develop self-love and self-confidence. We end up living with a negative attitude and the way others have labelled us, hence forsaking our true potential.

Positive Affirmations & Visualisation

However, it is in our power to rewire our brains using visualisation, affirmations and repetition. As we change our minds, our bodies also change at the cellular level. All unhealthy beliefs can be cleared from the brain and be replaced with positive thoughts which are absorbed by the cells. An easy yet powerful tool is called the sweep clean. We can visualise those unhealthy thoughts being swept away using a magical broom, being sucked with a vacuum cleaner or washed away by the rain. Or you can see the words written on a board and being wiped off. You can use any method that comes up in your imagination and that works for you.

Positive affirmations are used to create healthy beliefs. Saying these affirmations with enthusiasm and truly believing in them can create miracles. Talking or thinking about the heart for instance activates the heart area of the brain. An affirmation like ‘My heart is healed in every possible way’ makes the heart genes believe that they are already healed. As simple as it sounds, repetition is known to have a powerful effect on the mind. When we say something over and over again it creates a neural connection in our brains which in turn spreads to the whole body. In this case, the heart becomes stronger and healthier.

Some affirmations:

I am getting better and better, I deserve the very best
I am healed in every possible way, my immune system works perfectly
I stand in my own power, I am confident
I am beautiful just as I am, I totally love and accept myself
All the healthy neurons in my brain are constantly regenerating
My DNA is recoded for the highest and best
I find the perfect job that brings me success, All abundance is here

Notice your thoughts today. Catch the unhealthy ones and turn them into positive affirmations. Write down a list of those affirmations and you will find yourself with a precious list that can be used whenever you need a boost!