It happened!

For me the best way to manifest Abundance is by visualising that I got what I asked for, just like a kid!
A few years ago, when I wanted to find the man of my life and settle in a house of our own, I imagined the excitement of a little girl who asked her parents for a big dolls' house and got it with all the accessories! She jumped around, laughed, and started filling the rooms with her treasured dolls and furniture. Of course, Ken was there with Barbie.

In the same way, I jumped (yes I did!) and laughed in excitement while visualizing what my house looked like, right by a river. I could see myself walking in, taking my shoes off and feeling the creamy carpet under my feet. I walked into the kitchen and saw what it would look like. I went upstairs to the bedroom and imagined where the furniture would be. The walls and the carpet were vanilla coloured. I smelt the fresh paint and looked out of the window at the river. I also saw our Labrador there, the one I’ve been wanting for a while but did not have enough space to give a home to.

Three years later, here I am happily married sitting in my office at home and looking out of the window onto the canal that passes right behind the house. I go for long walks by the canal which is just as good as a river. And I am sure you can guess the colour of the carpet and walls. I got even more than I expected, my husband is the yoga instructor I secretly fancied 7 years ago! Tim was my teacher for 4 years during which nothing happened between us. What I didn’t know back then was that at some point he felt the same but did not show any sign to preserve his image of the respectable teacher. We both went our own ways when the gym closed down and by then we each had a partner. A whole year went by without being in touch. Then one day, out of the blue, I sent Tim an email and asked if he’d like to meet for a coffee. I found his reply a bit flirtatious and wondered why he mentioned having broken up with his partner. Our ‘meeting for a coffee’ turned out to be our first date!

When I look back, I realise that we never know where the manifestation of our dreams will come from until we get clear on what it is that we truly want. In this case, it did not happen sooner as I was still connected to my previous partner at a subconscious level. My life partner was already in my life but I did not recognise him as such until the right moment came along. I am so grateful for the Journey Processes which brought me on the right path.

How did it really happen?
It all manifested perfectly at the right time. Once I’d put out my Abundance manifestation prayers to the Universe, I trusted that it had already happened at a certain level which would be revealed to me when I was ready to receive it. It’s what I call the perfect timing. In my case, if my relationship with Tim had started sooner, it would probably not have been genuine as we were both still going through an emotional cleansing process.
Now I don’t think that I emailed him ‘out of the blue’ as mentioned earlier. It was the Universe bringing our paths together again.

What else needs to happen?
Trusting is not the only step to Abundance. It would be too easy and there is the risk that we might not appreciate our manifestations and take them for granted. Personally, I think it might be a bit unfair to ask our Graceful Universe to do all the work. Perhaps in parallel, we could also show that we can be trusted to do our very best for it to happen.

Perseverance is a daily key to manifestation. Keep asking and creating, asking and creating until you get it. Of course, we are talking about positive and healthy manifestations here. Feel the excitement every day, as if you are a child who finally receives a long-awaited gift. Feel all the gratitude that you would feel once it happens. Bask in the moment with appreciation.

Why it might not happen
The power of belief is immense. Do you genuinely believe that it can happen? Do you deserve it? Positive thinking is a key factor here. The moment you start doubting the possibility of achieving your dream, you have lost it. I observe such patterns in myself at times which I clear with a Belief Change Process. Believe me, it works like magic!

Gratitude is the best part of it all. I like calling it the cherry on top of the cake. If someone does not feel grateful when surrounded with Abundance, that person misses the best part of the whole manifestation. However, it is easy to forget to be grateful and move on with our day-to-day tasks while at the same time thinking of our next request to the Universe.

I found something that works as a reminder for me. Before going to bed, I focus on my heart chakra and imagine a door opening there. As I step in, there are three gifts waiting to be opened. They each hold a happy moment from the day for which I have every reason to be grateful. Last night I was grateful for having meditated after a long time, having enjoyed dinner with my husband and for all the ‘Likes’ I got for my new website.

Remember a time when something you desperately wanted happened when you asked the Universe to help. How did that make you feel? Allow yourself to feel that emotion again from a place of openness and let the gratitude flow from your heart.

I would like to end by asking you, “What are you grateful for today?”